What is AffinityEARN®?

AffinityEARN® is an industry-leading referral program designed to reward consultants for introducing us to top talent and for connecting Affinity with new clients.

This program enables consultants to leverage their relationships to earn $2/hr for helping us successfully support our existing clients and new clients, with great talent.

You can also earn up to $50,000 for introducing us to new clients. Simply set up an introduction to a new client-contact (or provide us with a contact and details that lead to us signing up the client) and if we successfully sign the client up, you’ll start to earn. Earning has never been so fun or so easy!

how does it work?


Someone New

If you refer us someone we’re not working with and we place that person in a contract position - we’ll pay you $2/hr for the entire duration of that contract.

Permanent Position

If you refer someone for an open permanent position (rather than a term/contract position) and they secure the position – we will give you $500.

A New Client

If you introduce us to a new client and we successfully sign the client up – you can earn up to $50,000 for your introduction. We will pay you $2/hr on all contractor placements (or $500 on a full time placement) until you earn $50,000!

The AffinityEARN® referral program rewards you for helping us provide unrivaled talent to our clients.

Get Started

Know someone great that’s looking?

You can browse all open positions on LinkedIn here or on our website to see whether you have any referrals for our current job openings. Alternatively, you can submit the referral to us by following the “get started” button below or by the “referral” link in our navigation menu.