We can connect you with the city's best IT talent


Affinity’s focus is finding a fit based on your company objectives, culture and budget. We can quickly connect you with the best IT professionals on a contract or permanent basis.

Permanent: You will have full access to our high quality candidate networks that have been thoroughly interviewed and referenced by our firm, including those hard-to-reach professionals who are not actively searching for a job. We’re committed to finding the right people for your business, the only candidates you’ll meet are those who have passed the Affinity test.

Temporary/Contractor: We strategically utilize contractors to keep your workforce flexible. It’s our business to know where top talent is and to understand their motivations, even if they aren’t currently looking for work. Our speed and access to high quality, immediately available candidates are an important resource to our company partners.

Payroll Pass Through: Affinity also offers payroll services for clients who know the person they want to hire, but require a 3rd party to manage the contractor. Process your payroll through Affinity to increase your efficiency, reduce your costs and minimize your risk. Affinity provides all the back office support, time, billing and contractor payments so you can focus on your project.