Our Mission

To empower Canadian companies with the world's best IT talent.

Why recruit globally with AffinityInternational:

IT Supply / Demand

With almost 75,000 tech jobs currently unfilled in Canada, the gap in IT labour supply and talent available has never been wider. AffinityInternational has developed a distributed global recruitment engine capable of connecting you with millions of IT contractors, and employees looking to relocate to Canada from around the world.

Quality Talent Pool

When it comes to highly niche & technical roles like architects, developers, security experts and many others, the Canadian talent pool is particularly stretched. AffinityInternational connects you with the world’s brightest minds and uses technical screening assessments, references and other tools to validate you’re being connected with the world’s best.

Cost Effective

With Canada’s decades-high inflation rate and IT the labour supply/demand imbalance, IT labour costs are rising sharply. Going offshore can help you meet your budget and reduce your costs by up to 50%.

Reduce Attrition

At 13.2%, the cost of IT attrition in Canada is greater than in any other sector. AffinityInternational will help you control your attrition by tying incentives to consultants completing contracts and, in cases where IT talent has relocated, we’ll help you develop an employer-specific work visa.


AffinityInternational is supporting our clients with consultants working in South America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Central America. This gives our clients exposure to new business markets, diversity of thought, and the ability to meet the demands of 24hr business day.

Canadian Economy

Canada is looking to grow our economy with 401,000 immigrants in 2022. Help grow Canada's technology sector by growing our pool of technical talent.

How AffinityInternational works

Whether you’re looking to engage a contractor or you’re looking to build your local team by finding IT talent looking to relocate to Canada. We can help you.

1. Relocating Talent

We leverage the immigration program Global Talent Stream which speeds up the work visa process of in-demand highly-skilled talent. If you’re not certain that you want to make the commitment to relocate an IT professional, we would suggest starting out on a contract for a fixed period prior to relocating.

2. International Recruitment

We are constantly building a pipeline of worldwide talent. We will recruit the best global talent, validate technical + communication skills and ensure team fit.

3. Candidate Review

Within 1-2 weeks, you will receive our top 3 candidates that are ready to interview and move to Canada.

4. Selection Process

Interview and select your newest team member.

5. Immigration Paperwork

We will work with our immigration experts to prepare all the necessary visa paperwork for your final signature. The processing time will be 4 to 6 weeks.

6. Employee Relocation

After your newest team member receives their work visa, we will help them transition to Canada. They can also start working remotely before fully relocating.

7. Contractors

If you’re looking to engage Global IT contractors on a term basis, we make this as easy as finding talent next door. Simply fill out the contact information form below and we’ll reach out to set up a time to speak with you.

About Affinity

Affinity is an IT staffing and consulting company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

We work across all of Canada with over 100 Canadian-based companies and over 1,000 IT consultants. We provide our clients with IT & business expertise to help them deliver on their IT & Business projects.

Our innovative and flexible approach to IT staffing and consultants has lead Affinity Group to be recognized as one of BC's fastest growing companies for 3 consecutive years.

Next Steps

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Our experienced team of recruiters average 5+ years of local and international recruitment, this allows us to reach out and shortlist the best talent for you.

The expected amount of time from qualifying a need to having a consultant on-site is 6-8 weeks.

To take advantage of similar time zones and business climates, we are focusing on countries in Latin America.

We can support your immigration process and make sure you successfully bring your new employee into Canada.

Work visas can be valid for two years, employees can apply then for permanent residence and stay in Canada.

No, you can hire as many as you need. Canada eases the immigration process of bringing top talent into the country.