Cost Effective.
Highly Productive.

Affinity Access is your turnkey access to the Canadian talent pool. Without any additional overhead, quickly build your remote team in Canada before Big Tech does. Same time-zone, same workplace-culture, lower cost and, dare we say it, better engineers!

What does this mean for you?

High Quality Candidate Networks

You will have full access to our high-quality candidate networks that have been thoroughly interviewed and referenced by our firm.

One Invoice

Your monthly invoice covers everything included in hiring, managing, retaining and compensating a remote team.

HR Contracts, Onboarding, Policies, Procedures and Culture

We have dedicated HR partners on our team who will help set up and manage all of your HR needs from start to finish

Payroll Taxes, Deductions, Benefits

Our payroll service makes everything seamless and covers all of your bases. We take care of taxes as required by each location, deductions and benefits for all of your remote team employees.

Recruitment and Retention of Top Talent

Our global pool of talent ensures you receive the best resources for your needs. With a team of dedicated recruiters, we are able to find the right candidates quickly and efficiently.

Employer Value Proposition

We work hard to create an Employer Value Proposition - your brand, your story, your values.

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